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An Ontario power producer says potential upgrades to the Portlands Energy Centre would be minor and help it run more efficiently, but critics say they aren't needed and energy should be focused on greener alternatives instead.
Springdale’s biggest attraction — literally — is being imploded Friday, and officials are preparing for its demise. At 8 a.m. or soon after, the two Cheswick Generating Station smokestacks in Springdale will be imploded. Local law enforcement will coordinate with the Cheswick Plant Environmental Redevelopment Group, the property owner; Grant
Un incendie dans la centrale électrique de Monacillos à San Juan a déclenché jeudi une explosion et déclenché « des pannes de courant importantes dans toute l'île », selon Luma Energy, la société qui supervise la distribution d'électricité...
PORTO RICO a subi une panne de courant massive à la suite d'un énorme incendie dans une centrale de distribution d'électricité.
Central Queenslanders can support Australian service workers by purchasing select items from Coles this week.
Microsoft has released a new version of its Surface Pen for schools. The Classroom Pen 2 is half the price and harder to lose. The new Pen 2 is designed for use with Surface Go and Surface...
With no surprises from the RBA and mixed data from Asia, traders looked for weaker oil prices to get a head start.