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. . The prime minister of the oil-rich Canadian province of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has sounded the alarm about the so-called Great Reset and describes it as a "lucky bag of left ideas for less freedom and more government". ”
. . EDMONTON - Alberta has become yet another hotspot for second wave COVID-19 cases. The rising numbers have asked many why Prime Minister Jason Kenney hasn't put new restrictions in place. Opposition leader, former Prime Minister Rachel Notley, said: “Jason Kenney is not living up to his personal responsibility as Prime Minister, namely ...
. . DO SOMETHING! Alberta has the highest new COVID rates per capita than any other province, according to CBC news on Sunday morning. (Premier Jason) Kenney, when are you and your cabinet going...
. . Alberta set a record of 1 on Sunday. 584 new coronavirus cases - and #WhereisKenney was trending on Twitter - when critics accused Alberta's prime minister of not showing leadership - or even talking to Albertans about the crisis.
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