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The gymnasium had conceded that its ad, designed to 'celebrate Black History Month', was 'totally unacceptable'
The post has since been deleted, with the gym operator saying it was "totally unacceptable" and neither "approved nor approved"
PureGym apologized after one of its gyms likened its 'workout of the month' to slaveryThe Facebook post, which has since been deleted, shared details of a workout titled "12 Years of Slave" "to" celebrate "Black History Month at Luton Gymnasium"Slavery was tough, just like this one," the post says. The workout included push-ups, box jumps, burpees and squats The post was described as "despicable" by social media users
PureGym outlets in Luton and Dunstable promoted a 'workout of the month' based on the Oscar-winning film '12 years a slave' with the slogan 'Slavery was hard and so is it'