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Ms. Powell, a lawyer who pushed baseless theories about ballot fraud in 2020, is the second defendant to accept a plea deal in the election interference case.
Aida Rodriguez follows up an HBO comedy special, 'Fighting Words,' with a memoir, 'Legitimate Kid,' about growing up with a single mom and many social stigmas.
‘He died waiting on justice,’ grandnephew says of Ellis, who was an outspoken activist for reparations over the 1921 massacre
For as tight as the Canadian Premier League's playoff race has been this season, there is another race just as likely to come down to the wire. That is the chase for the league's Golden Boot, which with two match weeks remaining has four players in the hunt. Atlético Ottawa midfielder Ollie Basse
Organisers of the Berlin marathon pleaded with climate activists on Friday not to disrupt this weekend's race but said they were prepared for "such eventualities".
Explore Denzel Washington's Hollywood authority and his bold refusal to kiss Julia Roberts during The Pelican Brief.
Donald Trump’s former lawyer, who is charged with trying to overthrow the 2020 presidential election, signed a letter vouching for Thomas’ integrity.
The starting gun has been fired but it's a long race to the White House. Here's how it works.
Russia launched its first moon-landing spacecraft in 47 years on Friday in a bid to be the first nation to make a soft landing on the lunar south pole, a region believed to hold coveted pockets of water ice.