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Bien que les fans du film ne connaissent Ralphie qu'en tant qu'enfant assoiffé d'un pistolet Red Ryder BB, il est un tout nouvel homme aujourd'hui. À l'âge de 12 ans, Peter Billingsley a joué Ralphie Parker dans...
. . Peter Billingsley was just 12 years old when he played Ralphie in the holiday classic A Christmas Story. Peter is now an adult and still works in Hollywood today!
. . 'A Christmas Story' director Bob Clark made a big change in the film after meeting the actors who played the Tyrant and the Toad.
. . Feedback × Leave a Comment Share × Fb Copy to Clipboard Options A Christmas Story: Where You Saw the Cast Before and After Philip Sledge Revealed: Dec.. . 24. 2020 16:00 Fb # Copy to clipboard Every year at this time hundreds of thousands of people across the country (or at least those with [...]
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