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A new center will bring together earthquake scientists to study the Cascadia Subduction Zone and clarify seismic hazards.
The moon will slip in front of the sun, leaving a fiery orange rim in the sky that will be visible for just a few minutes.
For the second consecutive year, Pardee Home Health has been recognized by Strategic Healthcare Programs (SHP) as a "Superior Performer" for achieving an overall patient satisfaction score that ranked in the top 20% of all eligible SHP clients for the 2022 calendar year.
California is now the first state to ban four chemicals used in well-known candies and other foods and drinks because of their link to certain health problems.
The Appalachian trail is the longest hiking-only footpath in the world and has served sightseeing hikers for nearly 100 years
If you travel with your camera or other expensive equipment, this inexpensive case might be just the thing to protect your investment.