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A new study suggests the use of artificial intelligence frameworks to expand visual assessments in space for astronaut health.
NASA has released a request for proposal from U.S. industry for the U.S. Deorbit Vehicle (USDV), a spacecraft meant to safely deorbit the International Space Station as part of its planned retirement.
Elizabeth Tsurkov, who has Israeli and Russian citizenship, was abducted in March while doing research in Iraq “simply because she is Jewish and Israeli,” the two senators said.
WWE Surprised everyone when the first twenty minutes of this week's SmackDown included an epic segment with Pat McAfee, Austin Theory, and The Rock. Fans
Morgan Pankow, the longtime girlfriend of Miami QB Tyler Van Dyke, is the Paige Spiranac of South Beach in a stunning development.
The tech mogul said Monday he was considering legal action after blaming pressure from the Anti-Defamation League for lost advertisers.
In the Asia Pacific region, caustic potash market faced initial decline in Q1, 2023, due to inflatio