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Where to watch the pre-season match online between Liverpool and Bayern München, including live streams, TV channels, kick-off time and more.
Nearly 3,000 Cumberland Electric customers are experiencing outages in their region. This is mainly in Robertson and Montgomery County.
A cold front is slowly sagging into the Ohio Valley today, triggering scattered showers and storms during the day.
Minute-by-minute report: can Scotland continue their promising start in Group A when they travel to Oslo? Find out with Rob Smyth
Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson has died. He had an enormous impact on American politics and religion. Robertson turned a tiny Virginia television station into the far-reaching Christian Broadcasting Network, where he hosted the flagship “700 Club” show for half a century. Robertson ran for president as a Republican in 1988, and from that experience founded the Christian Coalition, which helped cement the Republican Party's enduring alliance with evangelical voters. Robertson also drew attention for his televised pronouncements of God’s judgment on America for everything from homosexuality to teaching evolution. Robertson died Thursday at the age of 93.
A Baptist minister and a broadcaster, he turned evangelicals into a powerful constituency that helped Republicans capture Congress in 1994. He had earlier run for president.
Liverpool retrouve un début de maîtrise. Les Reds mettent le pied sur le ballon dans la moitié de terrain de Brentford.