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. . A Russian naval ship threatened to ram a U. S.. . Warship navigating disputed waters in the Sea of ​​Japan.
. . Lufthansa is to collect 1 billion euros. 2 billion) through the first conventional bond since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, said a lead manager. The German aviation company's five-year bond was due to be valued at a yield of 3 on Tuesday. 125% according to demand, a total of more than 4. 25 billion euros, the lead manager told Reuters. After the first pandemic in Europe, Lufthansa needed a rescue operation from the German government worth 9 billion euros.
. . Moscow accuses an American destroyer of entering its waters, but the US denies that its ship has been expelled.
. . Dayne Beams' AFL career has officially ended. Collingwood has confirmed that it has reached an agreement with the former best and fairest winner, who has now officially retired. He had two years ...
. . The Pentagon and the Russian Defense Ministry acted on the USS John S.. . McCain sailed through a disputed stretch of Peter the Great Bay in the Sea of ​​Japan that the Kremlin has claimed since the days of the Soviet Union.
. . The provocative maneuver is just Washington's latest attempt to view Russia as a rogue state that willfully violates international law, and it follows suit. . .
. . World War III fears were re-fueled after a Russian warship chased away a US destroyer ship that Moscow said had breached the Russian border in the Gulf of Peter the Great.
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