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NMB48's Akari Yoshida (24), who gave a graduation concert on October 24, will be on the CS tele morning channel "NMB48 Yoshida Akari Graduation Concert-Goodbye Pink Goodbye Idol-" Complete Edition "(3 o'clock later) broadcast on November 22.ja
Akari Yoshida and Miru Shiroma, who have always been active in AKB48 selection as NMB48 "1st gen members", broadcast the "graduation concert" of Akari Yoshida exclusively live from Osaka Castle Hall at the timing when the excitement and lingering sound remain. , Sae Murase, Yuuka Kato, and Nagisa Shibuya gathered together to talk about the impressive concert stage ㊙ story, the “super luxurious” costume ㊙ story that fascinated the finale, and the first generation gathered after the performance. "Dinner party" ㊙ story ...