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Twitter turned on Kylie Jenner - who is valued at $ 900 million - when she donated just $ 5,000 to her makeup artist's GoFundMe after he needed emergency surgery
Lamelo Ball suffered a right wrist injury in the first half of the Hornets game against the Clippers on Saturday.
The Philadelphia rapper will take on St. Louis, Missouri, veteran battle rap hitman Holla in a highly anticipated bout next month, but not before an intense preview with Battle Rap Twitt ...
Utah hit a season high of 197,725 and got off to a miserable start to beat Cal, UCLA and ASU to win the conference championships. Maile O’Keefe was named Pac-12 Gymnast of the Year.
A look at what happened to Kylie Jenner's makeup artist Samuel Rauda. The reality star received a backlash on Twitter for her GoFundMe request.
Rauda had a terrible accident last week in which he was thrown from a moving vehicle. A friend known as La Demi on YouTube revealed the incident on her Instagram story