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Opening LAUSD playgrounds as community parks is a great idea -- so great that the district is already trying to do it, but the city and county need to step up.
While no one in Jericho was surprised that the high school has multiple valedictorians — there were eight last year — some were surprised to learn how many. Fifteen is a record, as far as anyone can remember.
Voters were leaning toward keeping the balance of power intact as slates of ideologically aligned school board candidates were poised for victories in the North Clackamas, Hillsboro and Gresham-Barlow districts.
Megan Simpkins denounced the Riverside Unified School District board for allowing a trans student to use the girl's locker room and bathroom.
Fairfield Community Schools and Middlebury Community Schools are closed on Friday out of an abundance of caution due to a bomb threat.The Fairfield superintende