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Your month-long nightmare of nowhere to stream Seinfeld ends on Friday October 1st when all 180 episodes of the pop culture favorite land on Netflix.
. . During a pandemic, the festival created by "Seinfeld" takes on a new meaning. It's a special day traditionally reserved for those who want to embrace their inner "Bah Humbug" rather than their Christmas spirit.
. . When this column is published it will be Dec.. . 23, two days before Christmas. Some people see this as another day to prepare for the big vacation. Others who see "friends" celebrate what happens on Christmas Eve. But for my family, Christmas officially starts broadcasting complaints. Anyone who remembers watching Seinfeld should remember the last Christmas episode of the series, where George Costanza's father celebrates his own fictional holiday Festivus instead of Christmas. Confirmation that it will be the 23rd. came from a throwaway line that Kramer said later, and so we have a date. There is no aluminum bar or heroism to fit my family's celebrations, but a nice dinner at the chic Italian restaurant in town. When we are there we will air out some complaints, not much from last year because that would take way too long, just a few things that have been bothering us lately. I've shared some actual complaints over the past few years, mostly from the time I was looking for a job and was particularly dissatisfied with my lot, but that was not recognized. Obviously the biggest complaint this year was the coronavirus and everything that came with it, but that would be too easy to write complaints about. Instead, some of the complaints I will list are at most tangential to the pandemic and have to do with other things that bothered me this year. Some of them may seem petty, but that's exactly the point. Here are my complaints from last year. Although my favorite English football team got a new coach last year and won some smaller competitions over the summer, they are having their worst season since I followed them a few years ago after not winning a game in the last two months. I sent my passport renewal material to. . .
Larry David and his daughter Kazi "same low opinion" about themselves the 73-year-old comedian and 26-year-old daughter Katzy suffer from anxiety
Elaine Benes, the character of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' "Seinfeld", was famous for some of the worst dances ever seen However, that was before Donald Trump decided to stop a few movements on stage at a rally On Saturday night, a video of Trump dancing to Savage's "Let Me See Your Hips Swing" went viral And in…
The #NBCBlackout hashtag started trending on Twitter as people criticize NBC and call for a boycott because the network plans to broadcast Trump's town hall at the same time as Biden's on October. 15
"Trump's town hall timing by @NBCNews is so desperate and shameful Have you NO integrity at all? Haven't you learned anything? This is pathetic," tweeted Billy Eichner, Parks alumnus & Break
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