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Actualité internationale

Cormac McCarthy, l’auteur de La Route, décède à l’âge de 89 ans.

The Pulitzer Prize-winning author has died of natural causes aged 89, his publisher says.

Actualité internationale

WORLD NEWS – CALIFORNIA – Moss Joe has reelected Fraser Tollme mayor

With a critical 3,189 votes, Toulme defeated John Cote, who had 2,316 votes, and Nancy Nash, who had garnered 287 votes, to keep...

Actualité internationale

World News – CA – Sofankham Thamaphungsa wins the Geller Prize

Five books honored in first virtual Geller prize ceremony of $ 100,000

Actualité internationale

World News – CA – John Jocelyn claims he hasn’t been able to talk to 6 of his kids for 2 years

John Jocelyn talks about his separate relationship with six of his children in a preview of his interview with Dr. Oz and Jocelyn...

Actualité internationale

World news – CA – Suvankham Thamaphungsa wins 1st Scotiabank Giller Prize for Canadian Literature – Times of India

Sofankham Thamafungsa won the Scotiabank Giller Prize, Canada's highest literature prize, for her short story collection "How To Pronounce Knife."

Actualité internationale

World News – CA – An Ontario MP quits from liberal caucus after appointing his sister to the district office

Related title : – MP in Ontario Resigns from the liberal party bloc after appointing a sister to a district office His sister...