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Des sources disent à CBS2 qu'un officier du NYPD a été abattu à Brooklyn mercredi soir.
Archaeologists excavate the "greatest ancient city" near Luxor and call it the most important discovery since Tutankhamun's tomb and a window into the ancient world
The last flaw the Raptors had in one bloody season was a 121-120 loss to the Hawks to a summer beater.
. . LaVar Ball is a black businessman and a genius with his ability to market himself and others for proper publicity. After the Detroit Pistons ditched his second son LiAngelo Ball, LaVar went on ESPN's The Truth Podcast and explained his new vision for his boys. The Lakers plan did not work even though Lonzo was selected [...]
. . Queensland police say a young man who was shot and killed by police yesterday on the Logan Highway is "directly" linked to the double homicide of an elderly couple. Officials describe the incident as a "terrorist incident". .
And now that the Super Netball regular season is over, we can wonder if the super shot was really successful Fans are still divided on whether the new rule makes the game more exciting or if...
A man is critically injured after being shot by police during an incident on Russell Island, east of Brisbane.
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