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Exclusive: BBC stars Emma Rigby and Sid Owen accused of breaking Covid rules as they join bankers and property managers at Halloween party
EastEnders legend Sid Owen and BBC star Emma Rigby have been accused of breaking strict coronavirus rules for a steamy high society party with bankers and real estate executives in an apartment
EastEnders star Sid Owen insisted on using a photo of himself while participating in an interview on Loose Women after a horrific accident put his confidence in him
EastEnders star Sid Owen refused to let viewers see his face on Loose Women today (Friday, October 2) after his horrific accident
Sid Owen was left with a shattered jaw and lost six teeth after being hit by a golf ball on a trip to Thailand in January, with doctors saying he was lucky to be alive after this horrible incident
SID Owen refused to let viewers see his face on Loose Women due to 'trust issues' following his horrific accident The actor, 48, appeared alongside his former co-star Patsy Palmer ...
Patsy Palmer has a change of scenery after moving to the United States after her on-off role in EastEnders