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La société chinoise Sinopec a commencé à construire le premier projet à grande échelle d'utilisation et de stockage du carbone (CCUS) du pays dans le cadre de son objectif d'être
Syncrude is jointly owned by a number of oil heavyweights, but its mine becomes another of Suncor's many operating assets
BEIJING - China Petroleum and Chemical Corp said on Thursday it has added newly proven shale gas geological reserves of 19,183 billion cubic meters (bcm) to the Fuling gas field in the Sichuan Basin
Global Bio-Refinery Technologies Market: A Scope Assessment This in-depth research report presentation on the Global Bio-Refinery Technologies Market is designed to appropriately process a large number of vital information relevant to the market, such as the impact of the global economy in the exploitation of optimistic returns The report also closely follows the progress on several demographics and the like…