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News | On the 11th, NTV announcer Noa Iwamoto (29), who was revealed to be married to an employee who joined the company at the same time, is a regular news program "newszero" (Monday-Thursday 11: 00-, Friday) Appeared from 11:30). At the end of the show, he reported that he was married. Yumiko Udo, who was introduced by the caster as "similar to Mesut Özil, a former German national football team," said, "(Photo of Özil) prepared.
Noa Iwamoto, Nippon TV, Japanese announcer, News Zero, Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri !! World news --JP --ORICON NEWS: NTV / Noa Iwamoto announcer marries a synchronous employee "Work hard and continue to work" --Mainichi...
Announcer Asami Miura, who is the MC of the morning information program "Sukiri" (NTV), cried during the live broadcast on November 3rd. On the same day, the finale of the "Dance ONE Project", a project to support high school dance clubs nationwide
Picture / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu Freelance announcer Minami Tanaka will appear on VTR in "Sukiri" (Nippon TV) broadcast on November 4th. The day before
Noriko Eguchi, Sôkai jôhô variety Sukkiri !!, Kôji Katô, Nippon TV World news --JP --Noriko Eguchi appears in "Refreshing" broadcast on the 5th Koji Kato reveals why you can't go to BBQ | Nifty...
On the 5th, actress Noriko Eguchi (40) challenged her first studio live appearance on the NTV morning information program "Sukiri". The appearance of responding to the talk with few words was conspicuous, but MC's "paradise"
Halloween was the first time in the Corona disaster. In "Refreshing" (Nippon TV) on November 2nd, we reported on the state of Halloween on October 31st in each local city including Shibuya.…