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SpaceX launches the Psyche spacecraft on a Falcon Heavy from Launch Complex 39A, in Florida, to visit a metallic asteroid for the first time
A new study suggests the use of artificial intelligence frameworks to expand visual assessments in space for astronaut health.
Takeaways from the World Satellite Business Week conference in Paris, after a whirlwind of panels, meetings and more.
This region of the Moon, often referred to as the dark side, remains perpetually concealed from Earth's view.
The agreement will see the launch of several INNOSPACE rocket variants each carrying between 50kg and 500kg payloads into low earth orbit from the ASC across a five-year timeframe until Dec 2028.
Billionaire Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sánchez are engaged, a source confirms to PEOPLE
Communication was lost with Japan's Hakuto-R lunar moments before it was due to touch down.
Only the United States, Russia and China have successfully landed a spacecraft on the Moon.