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. . Authorities closed a beach in Victoria after a large sperm whale carcass washed ashore overnight.
. . It could take days to remove a derelict sperm whale carcass that washed up on a beach on the surfing coast, just as an influx of tourists is expected to the area during the school holidays.
After the adult sperm whale died at Patchs beach, South Ballina, officials from Crown Land, National Parks and ORRCA have tried to remove the 54-tonne, 17-metre marine mammal from the beach. Today, vets from Dolphin Marine Rescue performed a post mortem on the animal. The jaw and teeth from the animal were stolen overnight.
AUTHORITIES will attempt to remove the 54-tonne carcass again today after yesterday’s attempt failed.
A marine conservation group is appalled by the mutilation of a rare sperm whale carcass that washed up on a beach on the New South Wales Far North Coast.
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