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Sagan Tosu, sports uniform, J1 League, Tosu, Saga World news --JP --Notice of appointment of Sagan Tosu uniform (chest) sponsorja Related title : - Sagan Tosu uniform (chest) sponsor appointment Notice...
Kimura Information Technology Co., Ltd. (Saga City, Saga Prefecture, Representative Director Takao Kimura, hereinafter "Kimura Information Technology") has been appointed as a uniform (chest) sponsor of the professional soccer team "Sagan Tosu" representing Saga Prefecture. That
On the 10th, the giant handwritten the uniform worn by Hara and the players in the match against Yakult on October 30, when he won the league title for the second time in a row.
Pitcher Yudai Ohno, who is paying attention to the whereabouts of the exercise of FA rights, made a stunning remark after the final war of the base. At the award event, when the moderator asked about his aspirations for next season, he said, "Where is Uni ... --- Nikkan Sports.com (nikkansports), the news site of the Nikkan Sports Newspaper.with)
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