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A majority of the Democrats in the Texas House traveled to Washington, D.C. Monday afternoon to once again deny Republicans the quorum needed to pass new 26-day voting restrictions in a specially convened legislature.
BEIJING: Chinese central bank and regulators on Monday released draft rules to strengthen oversight of online micro-lending as it tries to contain rising debt levels in the coronavirus-hit economy
At 11:20 pm ET, ABC News had projected victories in 14 states for Joe Biden and 17 states for Donald Trump
Garden State voters on Tuesday decided to legalize recreational marijuana for adults 21 and older through an amendment to the state's constitution
California is no longer the most infected state in the country The largest state in the US, long home to the largest number of coronavirus cases, has been overtaken by the second largest staff ...
The day has finally arrived - the US presidential election Soon we'll find out if incumbent Republican President Donald Trump gets a second term for president or if Democratic challenger Joe Biden will take over Given the US position as a global superpower - and next door to Canada , in particular - there are undoubtedly many […]
Voters approved a constitutional amendment to legalize cannabis in New Jersey, putting pressure on neighboring states like New York
The bill, which would make the state the first to ban single-use paper bags in supermarkets, would also ban single-use plastic bags in stores and restaurants
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