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New research shows how tarpon and snook can actually benefit from storm surge, as high water gives them access to remote semi-landlocked ponds where they’re safe from large predatory fish, bu…
No matter what meteorologists call it, here's what this system will bring to the East. - Articles from The Weather Channel | weather.com
At least 30 counties issued evacuation orders ahead of the storm’s arrival.
Waves crashing near a pavilion in Treasure Island early Wednesday morning.
Even hundreds of miles offshore, powerful Hurricane Idalia clobbered Florida. Floridians and journalists caught some of the wild weather as the powerful storm closed in.
Tracking toward Florida, Idalia is expected to become a major hurricane and impact cities such as Tampa and Orlando along its path. Hurricane Franklin was still a mighty Category 4.
When it comes to hurricanes, there’s more to them than meets the eye. Here’s where the word “hurricane” comes from and how these powerful storms are different (or not) from cyclones and typhoons.
Torrential rain is expected to hit the Southwestern United States on Friday.