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. . Hayward's weekly touchless grocery distribution has been postponed from Thursday to Tuesday due to Thanksgiving.
. . If you are able to pretend COVID-19 isn't a real problem, you can also pretend it isn't Thursday's Thanksgiving Day.
. . The Tulare County Fire Department said seven railroad cars had derailed. Caltrans officials said the derailment resulted in a spillage of hazardous materials.
. . We're not quite on the Drive through Thanksgiving Dinner in Florida yet, but if you blink properly it may be on the horizon.
. . Tesla Inc. . According to a Wall Street analyst, stocks could double from current levels as global demand for electric vehicles rises over the next five years.
. . Raiders remain in good shape for the playoff run, but defense will continue to be an issue for the last six games.
. . BOSTON (AP) - A friendly festival shared by the brave pilgrims and their natives. . .