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When Brannon Braga's name is mentioned in sci-fi circles, most people immediately think of Star Trek He started as an intern on Star Trek: The Next Generation and then rose through the writing ranks to becoming a Star Trek: Voyager and Star Trek: Enterprise showrunner He also co-wrote two Trek movies, Generations and First Contact Saying he's synonymous with franchise isn't wrong
Clark Middleton, the unpretentious actor who played Sherilyn Fenn's sleeping husband in the third season of David's Lynch's Twin Peaks and appeared in genre hits such as Snowpiercer, Sin City and Kill Bill Vol 2, has passed away. 63 years old
MCU Gets New System Shock According to The Hollywood Reporter, we're set to see a second incarnation of Spider-Man fighting Electro on the big screen - and a familiar star is back to play the villain
Like Obi-Wan's famous characterization of The Force as an elemental entity that surrounds and permeates us, the mysterious number of pi is a permanence whose presence is everywhere - even apparently in celestial bodies orbiting ultra stars. -fresh
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