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High school band director Tasered and arrested after refusing to stop performance, police

There was an unusual situation after a high school football game when the band director for one of the schools was taken from...

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Un gendarme abat un individu armé d’un katana à Isbergues, suite à un appel pour un conflit de voisinage.

Appelés ce lundi 31 juillet 2023, vers 11 h 30, pour régler un différend de voisinage à Isbergues, des gendarmes se sont retrouvés...

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CM – All Victorian cops and PSOs are armed with tasers

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CM – Florida teen in a friend’s backyard in the case of racial profiling, says mom

A Florida teenager was patrolled in his girlfriend's backyard by a state trooper - an incident his mother claims was due to racial...

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World news – « Roasted Nuts for Everyone »: The footage of the NSW police officer who tasers himself goes viral

A widespread video seems to show the police officer releasing his taser on himself in a very sensitive area.

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World news – Sputtering the power game « demoralizes » the rangers.

The Rangers have only scored two power play goals in the last 31 man chances, the last one at the beginning of this...