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The world is heading towards a future where humans no longer need to drive Over the next few years, vehicles will become more and more automated and, eventually, Australians will no longer need to drive a car at all In the automotive industry, there are a number of approaches to achieving this result Companies like Waymo, GM and Argo (investments from Ford and Volkswagen) all use a technology stack that relies on LIDAR mapping of the environment and HD cards Others like Tesla and Commai AI uses computer vision (AI) powered by cameras, radars and ultrasonic sensors The range of autonomy is still incredibly new, with legislation racing to catch up with the rapid development of car manufacturers How autonomy is achieved […]
Aussie Broadband is officially a public company Trading in the company's shares began this morning with a listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), following an oversubscribed public offering (IPO) that raised 40 million dollars As part of the IPO, 40 million shares were offered at $ 1 a share, giving the company an initial market cap of $ 1903 million Chief Executive Officer and CEO Phillip Britt said the $ 10 million client offer was oversubscribed and closed in 75 minutes, with more than 9,000 queues before the offer opened Existing shareholders remain heavily invested in the company and there was no liquidation at the time of the IPO Companies are generally listed on the stock exchange, as a means of raising capital to support future growth plans […]
Amazon Prime Day is almost here, starting at 12 p.m. AEDT on October 13 (Tuesday) Ahead of the massive 66 hours of savings, we can reveal some of the savings on offer and as you might expect, the technology is very present Prime Day 2020 offers Australian Prime members more deals than any previous Prime Day event with exclusive access to tens of thousands of discounted products from top brands and small local businesses To support local Australian businesses at the start of the season holiday season, Amazon Australia also launched its `` Shop Local '' store featuring products from hundreds of Australian small businesses and new collections curated to connect customers with local brands including Zenify and Gold Coast in Sydney. based on Scenic Brew […]
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