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The action covers airbags made by two companies and used by 12 automakers from 2000 to 2018. The parts were linked to seven injuries and one death.
Elizabeth Holmes, the disgraced former billionaire and founder of Theranos, is back in the limelight for her recent interview that sparked plenty of criticism – and her new ‘mum’ wardrobe
The disgraced Theranos founder gave a series of sometimes-bizarre pre-prison interviews to The New York Times, hoping to change her public image.
Critics are flaming The New York Times today for posting earlier this morning what they say is an overly empathetic 5,500-word profile of Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes. But writer Amy Chozick is in on the con. In fact, her story may provide the clearest understanding yet of how Holmes so captivated investors, business partners, and […]
The black turtlenecks are gone. So is the voice. As the convicted Theranos founder awaits prison, she has adopted a new persona: devoted mother.
A new open letter, addressed to publisher A.G. Sulzberger, criticized the way the Times has responded to public outcry over its coverage of trans issues.
A Times HR exec was the subject of a staff pile-on after encouraging LGBTQ staffers to raise workplace concerns only via HR-approved outlets.
The rights and safety of transgender people are being endangered by irresponsible reporting from media outlets. By crediting openly bigoted experts who front bad-faith concerns to further other political agendas,