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A large crowd of fans began to sing and light torches as soon as they left the station
The mayor of London has hit back in a furious row which has seen the government push brutal measures on Londoners to fund the coronavirus - including making an additional 4 million residents pay a day to use a car
Raising municipal taxes to keep the metro and buses running was played down by a minister today as a £ 4 disputeTransport for London's $ 9 billion bailout continues Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said government "is not actively considering" imposing a surtax to help close the massive tariff revenue gap TfL caused by pandemic The acrimony between town hall and the transport department escalated last night when Mayor Sadiq Khan accused Transport Secretary Grant Shapps of seeking to impose a 'triple whammy'
Sadiq Khan says Londoners face 'triple whammy' of higher costs in government bailout
The Ola app was denied a new license to operate in London due to security concerns Transport for London said it could not find Ola "fit and suitable" to hold a new vehicle driver's license from private hire after discovering a number of shortcomings that could have endangered public safety Ola was launched in London in February as another Uber rival and claimed it "would focus on drivers, safety and a collaborative approach "
India Ola, which launched in London in February, faces a battle to continue operating in the capital, Sky News learns
Transport for London previously rejected Uber's request for a new London license in November 2019, due to "several violations that put passengers and their safety at risk"
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