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Eighty Starbucks partners (employees) from Europe, the Middle East and Africa visited Rwanda in May, as part of the 2023 Origin Experience. The goal? To immerse in the story of coffee on the farms where it’s grown.   Similar Origin Experiences occurred earlier this year in Costa Rica, for North American partners, and Indonesia, for those […]
After this morning's failure to open three of the lands in Magic Kingdom, it has now been confirmed that a black bear was spotted in a tree, causing the delayed openings. Black Bear in a Tree at Magic Kingdom According to Scott Gustin on X (formerly known as Twitter), The Florida Fish and
After this morning's delayed opening of three Magic Kingdom lands at Walt Disney World, it now appears that a bear inside the park is reportedly the cause of the issue. Bear in a Tree at Magic Kingdom According to WDWMagic, unconfirmed reports state that a bear is in a tree located near Big Th
Investigators with the Northern Tornadoes Project (NTP) from Western University say Thursday’s storm across southwestern Ontario resulted in twisters touching down in Tecumseh and Windsor.
Australian authorities on Wednesday charged a landowner and two companies with animal cruelty in more than 250 cases for the death of dozen of koalas during an clearance operation last year.
Eddie Jones and his players are determined to tone down expectations as half of the flight says England will "drop it all" in their final six-nation game
WASHINGTON • The bush fires that struck Australia between 2019 and last year were so large that they spewed as much smoke into the stratosphere as a major volcanic eruption with serious environmental consequences, according to a study published in Science magazine, more under straitstimes .com.