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Related title : - SG's first V Katsuyuki Mori, the support of the heart was the former SMAP's" 5 people were active " - Katsuyuki Mori Thank you to" 5 friends "..." I couldn't be...
Katsuyuki Mori, who won the long-awaited SG first victory at the "SG Japan Championship Auto Race", responded to an interview with Nippon TV / Yomiuri TV's "Joho Live Miyaneya" on the 6th, and a former SMAP member
Related title : -" Be sure to be the best in Japan "Auto racer Katsuyuki Mori who fulfilled his dream from an early age The origin and abnormal situation on the day of debut ...
Kawaguchi Auto's SG "52nd Japan Championship Auto Race" won the championship (10 laps) on the 12th R on the final day of the 3rd, and popular racer Katsuyuki Mori (Kawaguchi = 46) played a turbulent race. He won and decided his first SG victory in the fourth challenge.
Katsuyuki Mori, SMAP, Shingo Katori, Special Grade, Japan, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Sports victory World news --JP --Former SMAP Katsuyuki Mori "Hey, there was a god!" 46 years old, the oldest SG in history, the first...
Katsuyuki Mori, SMAP, Shingo Katori, Special Grade, Sports victory, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Japan World news --JP --Former SMAP Katsuyuki Mori won the Japan Championship for the first time Goro Inagaki, Tsuyoshi Kusanagi, Shingo Katori also...
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