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The current backlash against queer and trans people, led by a vivified cultural right, may have come as a surprise to younger people who assumed their rights and protections wouldn’t backslide. For…
As a result, Clint Barton and Kate Bishop put an end to the tracksuit mafia while showing enough of Kingpin / Wilson Fisk
L'adaptation de science-fiction à gros budget d'Apple TV est époustouflante à regarder, même lorsqu'elle ne colle pas émotionnellement ou narrativement.
The latest chapter of The Lost Symbol reveals more secrets and justifies why Dan Brown's bestseller had to be brought to life in the form of a TV series
The parallel storylines, which are all connected by a main storyline, do well in the new season opener and that makes 'More Joy' a welcome watch
The rest of the Showtime drama comes back with a huge episode and doesn't skip a beat on return
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State News 'Sara Tidwell speaks to Alex Sabri of The Purdue Exponent ahead of the Spartans' matchup with the Boilermakers.