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Gloria Carter, la mère de Jay-Z, a récemment épousé sa petite amie de longue date, Roxanne Wilshire, lors d'une magnifique cérémonie qui s'est déroulée à Tribec
Dites Hallelujer, fans de Madea ! Tyler Perry ramène son personnage le plus aimé pour une toute nouvelle aventure sur Netflix. Perry écrira, réalisera et jouera dans le film, revêtant une fois de plus la robe, la perruque...
The award is given annually to "a person in the film industry whose humanitarian efforts have earned the industry recognition".
. . Originally from New Orleans, Tyler Perry is a successful actor and filmmaker best known for his iconic Madea character. Madea is a tough older African American woman who Perry calls "exactly ...
. . Tyler Perry shared that he is single and that some women on Twitter are ready to mingle with the recently crowned billionaire.
. . Famous pastor had previously been fired from his position in the Christian mega-church in November.
. . Tyler Perry continues his longstanding efforts to give back to the Atlanta community. He announced that his studio would be closing this Sunday. 000 families will be giving Thanksgiving meals.
Perry and his foundation were chosen for their ongoing inclusive efforts and other philanthropic initiatives.
The award prompted a heartfelt personal story about a quilt made by Perry’s grandmother, and about its symbolic resonance with the experiences of Black Americans.