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Hulu, Hulu (no ads), and Hulu Live TV subscribers are now eligible for the free six-month Uber Eats Pass ($ 9.99 / month after).
Just when we thought Uber Eats couldn't top their Kath and Kim-style ad starring Magda Szubanski and Kim Kardashian, they launched a new ad campaign that this time combines two total opposites, The Wiggles & Simon Cowell ....
Aujourd'hui, Jack in the Box a annoncé un partenariat avec le chanteur, auteur-compositeur et extraordinaire de TikTok, Jason Derulo, appelé "Once in A Milli".
Police failed to identify the juvenile suspects, one from the District of Columbia and the other from neighboring Fort Washington, Maryland.
Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington, DC, was ripped off on Sunday for posting a deaf-mute tweet about preventing car theft days after an Uber Eats driver was fatally carjacked. Bowser shared a video on the Metro...
According to police, this week in Washington, DC, two teenage girls were charged with the carjacking death of an Uber Eats driver.
McDonald's is offering free delivery from Uber Eats until March 21, 2021 for orders of USD 20 or more. To take advantage of the offer, simply order at least USD 20 from McDonald's during the promotional period...
Les géants de la livraison à domicile ont fait l'objet d'une enquête massive de la part des procureurs de Milan. En conséquence, des sanctions allant jusqu'à 733 millions et l'obligation d'embaucher 60 000 livreurs. Les livreurs...
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