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Police bodycam footage has captured a suspected UFO sighting in Las Vegas after residents reported seeing '10ft aliens with large shiny eyes.'
In video footage captured by the body cam of a Las Vegas police officer, a bright light was captured passing through the sky, minutes before a resident called and reported spotting “aliens” in the backyard of his house. A Las Vegas Metro police officer received a call from a citizen on April 30, at around 11:50 pm in Las Vegas, Nevada before he briefly saw a bright light streak across the night sky, according to a report published by Newsweek.
The panel is identifying data that may help researchers learn more about mysterious flying objects.
The celebrity under the UFO mask on 'The Masked Singer' discusses shocking the world (and panelists!) with her vocal abilities, whether or not she'd put an album out, and what's next for her.
Les médias sociaux se sont illuminés au cours du week-end avec des informations faisant état d'une boule de feu tirant dans le ciel...
The leaked video was captured from a naval ship and appears to show a UFO hovering over the water before splashing down.
DJI has unveiled its latest consumer drone. The DJI Air 2S combines the portability the Air series is known for with a new, larger camera sensor for better videos and pictures. The 1-inch sensor can process still...