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. . It is official. As Donald Trump has become increasingly awkward and desperate, the president's men (and women) have become more dangerous and out of control. They throw around words of violence, martial law, executions, and other emotions designed to incite anger. For what? For whom?
. . Former U. . S.. . New York City Southern Attorney Geoffrey Berman, ousted by the Trump administration in June, joins Fried Frank Harris Shriver &amp. Jacobson will manage its employee work, the company announced on Tuesday.
. . NEW YORK (AP) - Geoffrey S.. . Berman, the overthrown Manhattan federal attorney who led multiple investigations into President Donald Trump's allies, was hired by a New York law firm. Berman will serve criminal defense in economic cases and work on complex commercial disputes at Fried, Frank, Harris and Shriver & Jacobson, the firm said on Tuesday. The company is "known for providing cutting-edge advice to top corporations and high-profile individuals," Berman said in a statement. Fried Frank described Berman as “one of the most respected prosecutors in the United States. Berman was evicted as U in June. S.. . Attorney for the Southern District of New York, where he led several investigations of tentacles in Trump's orbit, including one into the affairs of Rudy Giuliani, the President's personal attorney. The same office is prosecuting former Trump attorney and fixer Michael Cohen for campaign finance crimes and two Giuliani employees who were involved in the investigation that led to Trump's impeachment investigation. Giuliani was not charged. Berman later told the House Judiciary Committee that Attorney General William Barr had "repeatedly asked" him to step aside and accept a new position as head of the Department of Justice's civil division. "I told the attorney general that I wasn't interested," Berman told the panel. “There were important investigations in the office that I wanted to work through until graduation. "Berman's dismissal has been condemned by some critics as a" Friday night massacre "and has sparked longstanding concerns from Democratic lawmakers that the Justice Department had been politicized under Barr. Berman's new role as head of Fried Frank's office was previously held by Audrey. . .