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Clapton dit qu'il ne se produira pas pour un "public discriminé" après que les passeports de vaccination ont été rendus obligatoires pour les clubs et les lieux cet automne
. . "Do you want to be a free man / Or do you want to be a slave?" Eric Clapton asks in "Stand and Deliver," his new anti-lockdown song with Van Morrison. They also seem to be asking if the coronavirus is real / COVID-19 logs are required. . .
. . A new online generation has suddenly "discovered" one of the oldest controversies in rock. But is the story more complex and instructive?
. . The blues-inspired track was written by Morrison in support of his Save Live Music campaign and the song is performed by Clapton.
. . Morrison used Clapton's help on a new song to raise funds to support musicians struggling with the pandemic.
The musician attacks the government and "scientists making up crooked facts" in his latest music.