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La sonde Voyager 2, envoyée dans l'espace en 1977 et actuellement située à 19,9 milliards de kilomètres de la Terre, est en "bonne santé", a rassuré mardi la Nasa après avoir interrompu par erreur le contact avec son mythique vaisseau. Des commandes envoyées le 21 juillet "ont par inadvertance fait pointer l'antenne deux degrés à l'écart de la Terre", avait expliqué la Nasa dans un communiqué la semaine dernière
La Nasa a rompu le contact avec sa sonde interstellaire Voyager 2, qui se trouve à plus de 19,9 milliards de km. Une mauvaise commande
Once the spacecraft’s antenna is realigned with Earth, communications should resume.
Voyager 1 - one of two sibling NASA spacecraft that launched 44 years ago and is now the most distant human-made object in space - is still functioning and zooming towards infinity.
In the weeks following its launch in early 2006, when NASA's New Horizons were still near home, it took just a few minutes to send an order to the spaceship to learn that the on-board computer had received the instructions and was ready was to carry it out.
Voyager 2 was launched in August 1977, and its sister probe, Voyager 1, was sent by NASA to explore the outer planets of our solar system.
This NASA spacecraft was launched in 1974 and continues to return data from space today
NASA began repairs in March on the only antenna capable of operating the Voyager 2 spacecraft Mission operators are now in contact again and the four-decade-old probe is responding to their instructions