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Starbreeze Studios’ co-op heist first-person shooter is part of 11 new games available to stream this week.
Shootings took place in urban and rural settings, with violence reported in Idaho, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and San Francisco.
La Maison-Blanche a appelé ce mercredi les personnes dont la santé est fragile "à prendre des précautions" alors que plusieurs villes américaines sont en état d'alerte en raison de la pollution atmosphérique venue du Canada.
A home camera system in Springfield, Virginia captured a sonic boom heard across Washington, D.C., northern Virginia and portions of Maryland on June 4 at about 3:15 p.m.
Mayor Brandon Scott’s controversial decision to reinstate curfew enforcement on weekends and holidays this summer comes in response to the city’s recent surge in teen gun violence.
If Google ends up spending the entire amount on buybacks, it would represent a continuation of last year's pace.
One person was killed and multiple others were injured in a shooting near a funeral home in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, police said.  Police did not provide an exact number of victims, but s…