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Amid rising doubts about US commitment, the AUKUS nuclear submarine program team has racked up a travel bill of $15.2m.
Judge Pauline Newman has denied accusations that she is unable to perform the duties of her job and has challenged an investigation into her cognitive state.
Court filing alleges president’s son illegally obtained and possessed weapon after falsely declaring he was not a drug user
San Francisco workers are laggards when it comes to returning to the office. The city's cool summers could have something to do with this.
A murder suspect has escaped from a hospital in Washington DC and a large-scale police investigation has been launched.
The 81-year-old Senate minority leader had another verbal lapse in July.
Heavy rain led to water rising quickly up the front of the building, before a wall collapsed and water rushed inside. Staff moved animals to higher floors, before firefighters rescued seven employees and 20 dogs.
Donald Trump and 18 others are indicted on counts that include racketeering and forgery.