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Everything you need to know about watching or streaming the King Charles III's coronation in the US.
Ce lundi 1er mai aura lieu l'événement mode le plus attendu de l'année : le Met Gala. Cette fois-ci, Karl Lagerfeld sera mis à l'honneur. Ce qui a poussé Kim Kardashian à se rendre dans ses bureaux parisiens pour s'inspirer et rencontrer Choupette, sa chatte et héritière.
Katy Perry is set to headline the Coronation concert on Sunday, May 7th, 2023, along with Lionel Richie, one day after King Charles and Queen Camilla are crowned at Westminster Abbey.During an...
November 11th is a gloomy day to commemorate the end of World War I and the millions who perished during the four years of fighting between German and Allied forces.
Remembrance Sunday is today, of course In football clubs it has become a major event to organize Poppies on kits, bugles, special program covers - the whole day is an important part of the
The Queen followed government regulations and adopted the blanket when she visited Westminster Abbey for a brief ceremony - her first public engagement in London since March
LONDON (AP) - Queen Elizabeth II donned a face mask in public for the first time during the coronavirus pandemic in a brief ceremony at Westminster Abbey last week to mark the
The Queen wore a face mask as she visited the tomb of an unknown warrior at Westminster Abbey
A thanksgiving service on Battle of Britain Sunday has been held at Westminster Abbey every year since 1944 and on Sunday the London landmark opened its doors again for the first time since lockdown
This weekend, the Royal Canadian Air Force will honour the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. In Saint...