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Severe thunderstorms pass through western Maine There is a risk of tornadoes See current local radar here Here are the details: THREAT: Severe thunderstorms along and ahead of a strong cold front Strong winds are the greatest threat Hail and storms tornadoes are also possible WHEN: Up to about 10 p.m. W: All of Maine and New Hampshire, but the biggest threat is far off the coast due to timing 30 new cases of coronavirus in Maine
PORTLAND (WGME) - As housing in Portland gets more expensive, a small group of advocates push for rent control In fact, it's on the ballot for you Those against say proposal is reckless and that it would actually be more difficult to find affordable housing.If question D of the Portland ballot was successful, landlords could only increase rent to tenants by a small amount each year "Are you in favor of the modification of the municipal ordinance (s) proposed by the citizens' petition as provided below?"