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SFFD says they had to use the "jaws of life" to lift the car off of the woman, who was trapped under. The was transported to the hospital with "multiple traumatic injuries."
Kristen Welker takes over 'Meet the Press' this Sunday, replacing longtime moderator Chuck Todd. Welker's NBC News colleagues tell PEOPLE why she's the right fit for the job.
Gary Busey allegedly was involved in a Malibu hit-and-run ... and the alleged victim was pleading for him to stop and exchange info, but video shows he wouldn't play ball.
The clip quickly went viral after being shared on TikTok and Instagram. It's now the subject of a departmental investigation after a slew of people called out the officer's behavior.
Prince George's County Police officer Francesco Marlett was suspended on Tuesday after a video of the incident went viral, appearing to show him kissing the woman in a public park filled with kids.
Kristen Welker’s tenure at NBC News’ venerable “Meet The Press” won’t start until September 17, but the network isn’t waiting to tell viewers about it. On Saturd…
Woman named McKayla claimed she sent gift cards and cryptocurrency worth thousands to someone posing as actor Dacre Montgomery