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. . It comes as the Premier League's regular testing of staff and players returned the highest number of cases this season.
. . One after the other, several EU countries are stopping their travel from the UK in hopes of blocking a new strain of coronavirus that is spreading across southern England.
. . The new statistics came when the Prime Minister announced Tier 4 restrictions on large parts of London and the southeast.
. . Italy's most recent emergency decree contains strict travel regulations for the Christmas season, which affect both national and international travel. January 2021 apply.
. . The World Health Organization said: "Medical masks are for single use only.". Dispose of the mask immediately, preferably in a sealed container. "But in the face of shortages during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic in March and April, the World Health Organization in a report released in June permitted" exceptional measures "to disinfect disposal masks for reuse.. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) recommends - in emergencies - hydrogen peroxide vapor to disinfect N95 masks that are worn by health care workers. Other methods of filtering single-use masks include exposing them to high temperatures or UV rays.
. . State officials say a "six-day break" on all community activities is crucial to curbing the spread of the virus.
. . Canberra: It was announced Friday that a vaccine for the Covid-19 virus under development by the University of Queensland Australia (UQ) is ready to advance to a later phase of clinical trials ahead of schedule, after a promising announcement. . .
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