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Nanoparticles and quantum dots are used in LED lights and can also be used to guide surgeons in removing cancer tissue.
Official announcement comes after trio’s names were leaked in email to Swedish newspaper earlier in the day
Swedish academy names scientists behind quantum dot technology as 2023 winners in email before official announcement
UFO truthers rejoiced today, as a unique event unfolded in Mexico City. In the country's Congress, no less. An official event unveiling two alleged alien corpses took place in the
Marie-Josée Hogue to investigate claims of election meddling by China and other countries, in process marred by months of feuding
Movie is open in depicting singer’s grooming of her at age 14, but Presley maintains ‘he was the love of my life’
Singer’s big hit, stuffed with cliches about Italian life, was irresistible to millions as far away as Russia and Georgia
Kristopher Coody pleads guilty to sexual battery over groping of Glenda Hatchett last year and sentenced to year on probation
The giraffe born without spots on July 31 is the only one of her kind on Earth, zoo officials stated Monday.