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Sky Sports were forced to issue an immediate on-air apology after popular presenter Melissa Reddy after the 36-year-old swore during her analysis of Man United goalkeeper Andre Onana.
The response from Virtual Dining Concepts comes a day after the YouTuber filed a suit in Manhattan claiming the firm tarnished his reputation by selling undercooked burgers with his name.
Police are urging people to avoid Manhattan’s Union Square as they try to contain the fallout from a reported game console giveaway event. A crowd of several hundred people filled the park Friday afternoon for what was billed as an event from popular Twitch stream and YouTube creator Kai Cenat. The “HUGE GIVEAWAY,” which promised free PlayStation consoles, was scheduled…
YouTuber Eugenia, 29, has sparked major concern after sharing a video of herself looking even more thin than usual, as she continues her public battle with anorexia.
​​iShowSpeed, a well-known internet personality and streamer, recently uploaded a worrisome video where he is seen hurriedly taken to the hospital due to what he describes as a "deadly headache."
A 20-year-old engineering student died of cardiac arrest after suffering an epileptic seizure after running in a Marathon in Madurai on Sunday, police said. Dinesh Kumar, according to eyewitnesses, was rushed to hospital by his friends, where he was declared dead. Read on to know what causes cardiac arrest in a patient with epilepsy and the steps to take care. , Health News, Times Now
In the clip titled 'I Crashed My Plane', YouTuber Trevor Jacob can be seen parachuting out of a single-engine aircraft with a selfie stick in hand.
Seth Rollins is set to appear in a match on RAW tomorrow when he faces The Miz. However, before the match, he made a heartfelt appeal to fans on behalf of another fan.