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Welsby scored the winning goal right after the final hit after a drop goal attempt hit the post
The Lions and Whites were convincingly defeated 29-2 at DW as they failed to replicate the impressive form they had achieved last week
. Wigan beat Hull FC 29-2 to secure a spot in the Premier League final, scoring five attempts in an all-out win.
. Joe Burgess, Harry Smith, Zach Hardaker, Jake Pepe and Pevan French all crossed to try Wigan Warriors as they easily beat Hal FC.
Wigan overcame severe resistance from Huddersfield to claim a 19-6 victory in the final Super League regular season game at Headingley to claim the league leaders' shield for the first time since 2012
Bevan French looked stunning in Wigan's 18-6 win over St Helens, while Daryl Clark scored two tries as Warrington beat Huddersfield 19-12
Adrian Lam earned his first derby victory as coach of Wigan - as his side have given all clues that they are peaking at the right time