Sydney Sweeney déclare que son père est parti après l’avoir vue dans « Euphoria »


Sydney Sweeney talks about mixed reactions to her role on Euphoria

Sydney Sweeney, the actress who plays Cassie on HBO’s Euphoria, recently opened up about the mixed reactions her family had to her role on the show. While her grandmother is a big supporter and often comes to set to be an extra, her father and grandfather had to turn off the program halfway through their first viewing. Sweeney admits that she didn’t prepare her dad for the show, and it was difficult to bring up a conversation about it. However, she is excited about the upcoming season 3 of Euphoria and can’t wait to see what her character does next.

Sydney Sweeney stars in new HBO film and upcoming rom-com

Aside from Euphoria, Sweeney is also starring in HBO’s new film, Reality, and the upcoming rom-com, Anyone But You, opposite Glen Powell. She recently spoke about her time on the set of Anyone But You in Australia, saying that it was a blast and she had never laughed so much on a set before. Sweeney is excited about her future projects and is grateful for the opportunities she has had in the industry.

In conclusion, Sydney Sweeney is a talented actress who has had a mixed reaction to her role on Euphoria. However, she is excited about the upcoming season 3 and her future projects, including the new HBO film and rom-com. Sweeney’s family may have had a difficult time watching her on Euphoria, but she remains grateful for their support and the opportunities she has had in the industry.

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