World news – Mark Labbett Reveals 10 Stone Weight Loss And Bonding With Carol Vorderman


Impressive quiz champion Mark Labbett says his weight is the lowest it has been in 25 years after dropping 10 stones from his heaviest weight.

The 55-year-old star of The Chase – nicknamed The Beast – told The Sun that he now weighs 19 stones and can buy off the rack clothing instead of ordering special XXXXL clothing.

In 2003 when he started his job as a full-time teacher announced he was 29 points on the scales, but a new fitness regime during the lockdown has allowed him to lose significant weight.

« As soon as the stores reopen, I’ll be a mega-shop for all the big high street people. Doing stores now that I can now wear Mark’s & Spencer’s pants and chinos in an XL, « he said.

 » It’s the first time I’ve been able to buy off the shelf in as long as I can remember. « </ Labbett was inspired to improve his diet after diagnosing type 2 diabetes in 2016 had been struck. He cut his sugar intake, went to the gym, and only ate two meals a day.

He also said he was now ready to get back into the dating game after breaking up with Mrs. Katie last year.

The quizzer said he likes « smart women » and noted that despite first impressions, a certain TV star turned out to be a less suitable partner.

« I don’t want to name and shame, but I met a woman from TOWIE who should be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen, « he said.

 » Instead, after about ten minutes, I tried to bring my conversation to her level – and missed it. It was a bleak conversation. « 

Labbett has suggested he got along fine with another celebrity brainbox, former countdown mathematician Carol Vorderman.

 » She’s smart, and she and I have a lot of fun together, « said Labbett . « She has an IQ of 154, mine is 151, she’s great to chat with and we both love rugby.

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Labbett might have some competition on that front, with Vorderman proving very popular when she recently signed up for the high-end dating app Raya.

She said: « A buddy of mine said it would be a laugh. Lots of LA folks have made funny contact, men and women, but it’s not my scene. » Pfizer has warned the European Union against its threat to withdraw blocking UK vaccines as the company is « strong » on key ingredients by the La nd is dependent. It comes after EU leader Ursula von der Leyen announced that she would stop exporting coronavirus vaccines to the UK.

This morning’s host Phillip Schofield bought a house with his wife for £ 1 million and Insisted that a divorce was out of the question for the couple.

The ‘Loose Women’ panelist tweeted one year since the show last ran before the lockdown.

Mice can have up to 500 offspring per Season production and intensive bait programs have had little success

The UK has announced that it will support Bulgaria against « malicious activities » after Sofia dismantled its first Russian spy ring since the end of World War II. Bulgaria said the group of spies that their leader’s wife used to leak secrets to the Russian embassy posed a « serious threat » to NATO and the European Union. « We fully support Bulgaria’s efforts to destroy a suspected spy ring and to take steps to combat the hostile actions of Russia on its territory, » Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said on Saturday. Six Bulgarians charged with espionage on behalf of Russia on Friday included high-ranking officials, including staff from the Ministry of Defense and military intelligence. According to Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev, it is the first such spy ring discovered in Bulgaria since the end of World War II. The group is alleged to have used a former high-ranking official from the Bulgarian Military Intelligence Service to build a network of people who have access to classified information about the EU, NATO and Bulgaria. The secret service was passed on to an « employee of the Russian embassy » in exchange for money via the ring leader’s wife, the public prosecutor said. They claim to have incriminating videotapes of the suspects. A suspect attempted to flee when officials arrested the group after a large-scale investigation was ongoing. It is not the first time that Bulgaria has « seen activities by foreign embassies that are incompatible with the Vienna Convention », according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The US State Department said they « strongly support » Bulgarian sovereignty and are closely monitoring the case. The US strongly supports the sovereignty of Bulgaria and stands with Bulgarians against this malicious activity on their territory. “Russia condemned efforts to » demonize « the Kremlin and sever bilateral relations. « We assume that the speculation about the alleged involvement of Russia in the secret service work against the interests of Bulgaria will be stopped until a court ruling is available, » said a statement by the embassy on Friday. Assume that court proceedings are depoliticized, impartial and will be objective. “Diplomatic relations between Russia and Bulgaria have been strained in recent years after a series of espionage scandals. Six people from the Russian embassy, ​​including five ambassadors, were expelled from Bulgaria between October 2019 and the end of 2020.

Anti-lockdown protesters broke a police line today (March 20) in Mayfair in central London. Footage showed officers running to pick up the crowd of thousands, but they were quickly pushed back until protesters forced their way through the police line.

The CDC changed the school administration to just three feet of social distance instead of six Letting In

It’s not the first time the President has verbally promoted the Vice President

Almost $ 800,000 for two elderly Asian people attacked in San Francisco. The video of an injured and crying Xiao Zhen Xie standing on a street corner prompted thousands to exchange messages and donate. Attacks on Asian elders have increased in recent weeks. Photo: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Ursula von der Leyen threatens AstraZeneca with an export ban on vaccines Europe’s stance on AstraZeneca Jab is irresponsible, says vaccine czar Pfizer warns EU to fight back against vaccine threats against Great Britain Kate Bingham: « EU- Leaders Undermine Vaccine Completely Irresponsible « Subscribe to The Telegraph for a Month. Long Free Trial UK has set a new record for most Covid-19 vaccines given within 24 hours. 711,156 people were vaccinated on Friday. This is the second year in a row that the daily vaccine record has been broken – the previous record was set the day before when a total of 660,276 doses were administered. A total of 26,853,407 people have now received a first dose of the vaccine while 2,132,551 have received their second vaccination – bringing the total number of people vaccinated in the UK to over 28.9 million. Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi hailed the record as an « incredible achievement ». The UK reached another milestone on Saturday: more than half of the adult population received their first dose in what the Prime Minister described as a « fantastic achievement ». Follow the latest updates below.

A shift in the UK government’s perception after the introduction of bumps could upset the balance for some voters

The Prime Minister literally and metaphorically gets a shot in the arm with the Covid vaccine but politics is a bleak ungrateful business and some of its worst crises may still lie ahead.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has tested positive for Covid-19, the country’s health minister said on Saturday, a day after receiving his vaccination . Mr Khan is « self-isolating at home, » Minister Faisal Sultan said in a tweet. The 67-year-old was vaccinated on Friday as part of a nationwide campaign to promote vaccinations. He appealed to Pakistanis to follow his example and to comply with new restrictions put in place to prevent an increase in certain cases. Pakistan has experienced high levels of vaccine reluctance in the past.

Dear Gavin Williamson, Schools need kindness in this Covid crisis, but you are excited about your behavior. Judging by the education secretary’s speech, « conduct, conduct, conduct » might be the Tories’ next election slogan. Coronavirus – Latest Updates Instructor-led class with kids sitting in front of the expert at the head of the class – but is that how kids really learn? Photo: MBI / Alamy

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