World news – Sixers trainer Doc Rivers likes his team before close of trading


The Philadelphia 76ers are led by team president Daryl Morey, who has a reputation for being a man who isn’t afraid to pull the trigger on big moves to improve his team. The Sixers sit at the forefront of the East, but it’s likely that a step needs to be taken with this group to seriously fight for a title.

The deadline is Thursday and the Sixers aren’t having any intense talks right now run with teams, but whether they make a move or not, coach Doc Rivers is happy with the roster he’s in charge of. It’s hard to blame him, considering how successful the Sixers have been this season.

They’re winning games while superstar Joel Embiid is injured.

« I like our team », said Rivers. « When we move, great, when we don’t, we love our team. I don’t get lost in all that stuff. The way I see it, I train this team, this team is really good. Obviously, it’s the most important thing To get Joel back. There is no step we can do better than what is more important than getting Joel back to health. « 

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Nevertheless, there is something for everyone to do. The Sixers are a team that has to compete against teams like the Brooklyn Nets with a ton of star power, as well as against a team like the Milwaukee Bucks with the league’s MVP, as well as tough teams like the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat.

It is always a step to take and whether the Sixers make it in a trade or wait for the buyout market they should probably turn every stone to fully compete with these teams and give their star duo some help > « It depends on your team and what’s going on, » added Rivers. « I’ve been in situations where it looked like we were very active and then I’ve been in situations where we weren’t that active. I don’t feel like there’s a lot of things out there with us. Maybe from you (the media). Who knows? I don’t pay much attention to this part. We’re just doing our job. « 

The Sixers are up against the New York Knicks at 8pm. EST from Madison Square Garden.

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