World news – The survivor of the Chapecoense tragedy, Edwin Tumiri, escapes a bus accident in which 21 people in Bolivia were killed


According to Ole, Edwin Tumiri, one of only six survivors of the tragic plane crash with the Brazilian club Chapecoense in November 2016, escaped a bus accident that killed at least 21 people.

Tumiri, a Bolivian aerospace engineer, was injured in the knee on Tuesday after a bus crashed from the gorge between Cochabamba and Santa Cruz in Bolivia.

Ole reports that 21 people were killed in the accident in the city of Ivirgarzama and 30 people survived the crash

« The bus drove, there I grabbed the front seat, I knew we were going to crash because we were driving at high speed. »

« I held on, I didn’t disperse until we did I crawled out, sat down, my knee was injured and I said, « Again I can’t believe it. »

« Then they came to save us, I wasn’t passed out. I think I was the first to be taken upstairs. “

Tumiri was also asked about the terrible Chapecoense accident by Red Uno, a subsidiary of CNN:

 » What I always do then is that I confide in God and nothing will happen to me, nothing will happen to me. « 

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CNN adds that the bus fell 150 m into a ravine while traveling at 72 km / h. CNN states via Red Uno that Tumiri is recovering at the Arebalo Clinic in Cochabamba.

He’s certainly blessed to have survived two accidents in his life, but we can’t even imagine the pain Edwin felt in both Accidents every day, as he was one of the tragedies in which a total of 92 people were killed.


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